Pasadena Artazan ShowPasadena Artazan Show was established by artisans who were inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement. It is an artisan collaborative that is devoted to the artistic forms and techniques of medieval art –luminous color, careful detail, romantic symbolism, devotion to nature, and the rejection of industrialism and mass-produced goods.

The show offers a range of products designed and created by independent artisans, studio artists, and small production workshops –including hand printed fabrics, hand-loomed textiles and tapestries, handcrafted jewelry, hand sewn clothing, woodblock fabrics, handmade household goods, furniture, and original paintings, as well as small selection of artisan wine and gourmet foods, similar to those found in the traditional sidewalk art shows of Paris.

The 2-day show encompasses all handcrafted media, including jewel smithery, painting, ceramics, wood working, glass work, textile weaving, hand tooled leather, handspun yarn, felting, natural-dyed fiber, paper arts, beadmaking, lapidary, gem cutting, metalwork, embroidery, hand sewn clothing, and wearable art.

Exhibitors are chosen for highly-skilled handwork and use of natural materials, and include both traditional and contemporary artisans and high-quality artists. Many have spent over forty years reviving lost styles, and using traditional tools and techniques to produce graceful handwork, and one-of-a-kind artisan design.

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